U-SAVE Foundation Sensitises Government Day Secondary School Students on Menstrual Hygiene

Did you know that, despite the growing awareness of menstrual education, there are still boys who lack a comprehensive understanding of the menstrual cycle, and some girls do not have access to sanitary pads or the knowledge of proper menstrual hygiene? Today, in the heart of Bwari, that narrative was changed. The U-SAVE Foundation, teamed up with 40 U-SAVE volunteers and fellows to educate over 1000 bright young minds at Government Day Secondary School, Bwari to shed light on a topic we don’t talk about enough – menstrual hygiene.

GDSS Students Getting Sensitised on Menstrual Hygiene

Just imagine boys and girls being asked about periods and they struggled to provide a definition. Well, this is where U-SAVE saves the day. The U-Save Foundation team, explained what menstruation is and the menstrual cycle in the most comprehensive manner. This interaction allowed facilitators to provide clarity on menstruation and the menstrual cycle, marking a vital first step in breaking the stigma and misconceptions surrounding this natural process.

For a more intimate session, boys were excluded in the next phase of sensitization, focusing solely on the female students, who were taught how to track their menstrual cycle using the U-SAVE flow tracker cards. Understanding their menstrual cycles not only empowers these young women but also helps them take charge of their health. Emphasis was placed on the importance of maintaining proper hygiene during menstruation, stressing the need for regular bathing, at least twice daily.

But the education didn’t stop there. The U-SAVE Foundation introduced the concept of reusable menstrual pads, shedding light on their usage and environmental significance. The students quickly embraced the economic and eco-friendly advantages of these reusable pads, showcasing their enthusiasm for this sustainable solution.

GDSS Student trying out U-Save Re-usable Pad.

And guess what? Everyone received their own goodie bag (U-Save Menstrual Kit) with reusable pads and flow tracker cards! It’s like receiving your superhero cape and gadgets all in one. These gifts aren’t just practical; they’re empowering, giving these young individuals knowledge and tools for a healthier future.

Learning about menstrual hygiene was eye-opening. It’s not just a girls’ thing; we all need to understand it. Thank you for the U-Save menstrual hygiene kit!

Muhammad Modupe Shamsiyyah, SS3B, Head Girl of the School

U-Save’s mission isn’t just about periods; it’s about breaking the silence, boosting confidence, and ensuring that nobody is left in the dark. Together, we’re building a world where everyone has the power to be their best selves.

GDSS Students with their U-Save Menstrual Kits.

I am grateful for U-Save’s coming to our school and for teaching us menstrual hygiene. The reusable pads are really useful for us, and I’m thankful to U-SAVE for the knowledge and support.”

Wundu Rita, SS2L student, expressing her gratitude

Want to join the movement? Visit https://www.usavefoundation.org/ and see how you can be a part of the change. Together, we’re making periods powerful! 💪🩸🌍