U-Save Eco-Champions: Nurturing Future Environmental Leaders For Africa

Welcome to the U-Save Eco-Champions program, where we believe that the future of our planet lies in the hands of today's youth. We're on a mission to train, empower, and equip young change-makers with the knowledge and skills to champion environmental sustainability and create a better world for all.

About the Program

U-Save Foundation recognizes the urgency of addressing pressing environmental challenges. Through the U-Save Eco-Champions program, we engage with school graduates from Rochas Foundation from 10 countries to provide them with comprehensive training in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) practices, along with essential Climate Advocacy skills.

Why Eco-champions project ?

  • Environmental Stewardship

    By supporting U-Save Eco-Champions, you're investing in the development of passionate advocates who will drive positive change in their communities and beyond

  • Sustainable Impact

    Empowering young leaders ensures that our efforts towards environmental sustainability are long-lasting and impactful.

  • Educational Empowerment

    U-Save Eco-Champions gain valuable knowledge that equips them to lead WASH and Climate Advocacy initiatives, fostering a healthier and more sustainable future.

Program Highlight

  • Training

    Our program offers comprehensive training in WASH and Climate Advocacy, equipping participants with the expertise needed to make a tangible impact.

  • Hands-On Experience

    Eco-Champions engage in practical field experiences, applying their knowledge and skills to real-world projects.

  • Advocacy

    Participants are empowered to become advocates for environmental change, spreading awareness and inspiring their communities to take action.