In the secluded village of Yaupe, nestled on the outskirts of Bwari, Abuja, a remarkable transformation of hope and progress unfolded. The U-Save Foundation, a beacon of empowerment and positive impact, unveiled a groundbreaking project on December 5th, 2023: a solar-powered borehole featuring 12 taps. This initiative aimed to bring safe, clean water closer to the villagers’ doorsteps. Yet, this project extended beyond water accessibility. It reached out to the women of Yaupe village by donating 15 dual-capacity sewing machines. These machines became tools not only for crafting reusable pads but also for empowering these women to take charge of their menstrual hygiene.

The journey towards this impactful change began in September 2023 with a comprehensive needs assessment. This critical phase illuminated the pressing needs of the community. The lack of a reliable water source emerged as a primary concern. Villagers shared poignant stories of trekking over 1.5 kilometers daily to access water—a resource shared with cattle rearers, resulting in health and sanitation issues.

Further conversations revealed a grim reality: women relied on unhygienic practices during their menstrual cycles, using rags and unsanitary clothes. Understanding this plight fueled the project’s holistic approach to address not only water scarcity but also menstrual hygiene.

This ambitious endeavor saw collaboration from U-Save Foundation’s partners, Emily Brooks and Dr. Renae Reinardy, who conducted a virtual training program. Over four weeks, volunteers and fellows underwent intensive training on crafting reusable pads. This cascading training strategy aimed to ensure sustainability and knowledge transfer within the community.

The culmination was a jubilant celebration, an inauguration resonating with joy and gratitude in the Yaupe village square. Community leaders, including the Esu and Chairman, stood side by side with local residents, welcoming the U-Save Foundation and their international partners with open arms. Traditional dances, adornment of native fabrics on the country director and foreign partners and cultural performances filled the air with appreciation, showcasing the rich heritage of the community.

Mrs. Uju-Rochas Anwukah, the Country Director, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the community for their collaboration, reiterating the foundation’s commitment to lasting change. Emily Brooks and Dr. Renae Reinardy echoed this sentiment, moved by the warm reception and cultural displays.

The event marked the official opening of three water stations, each equipped with 12 taps, ensuring accessibility to clean water. Simultaneously, the sewing hub dedicated to reusable pad production was inaugurated, symbolizing empowerment and progress.

As the day drew to a close, the Community Chairman shared words of gratitude, reflecting on the foundation’s promise and fulfillment. In a touching gesture, the chairman presented a gift of livestock, a token of the community’s appreciation to the U-Save Foundation.

The impact was tangible—the smiles, the laughter, the rhythmic beats of culture—all resonated within a community transformed by the vision and dedication of a foundation committed to making a difference. The U-Save Foundation didn’t just bring water; they brought dignity, empowerment, and a promise of a better tomorrow to Yaupe village.