Donate to U-Save Foundation

At U-Save Foundation, we believe in the power of collective action to bring about meaningful change. Every donation, no matter how big or small, contributes to our mission of creating a world where everyone has access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education. Your generosity can help us empower lives and transform communities.

Why Donate to U-Save Foundation?

  • Clean Water for All

    Your donation supports initiatives that provide clean and safe drinking water to communities in need. With your help, we can drill boreholes, install water purification systems, and ensure that families have access to this fundamental human right.

  • Sanitation Solutions

    We're committed to improving sanitation standards by constructing and renovating toilets and sanitation facilities in schools and communities. Your donation helps us create hygienic and safe environments for all

  • Hygiene Education

    Education is key to sustainable change. We educate communities about proper hygiene practices, including menstrual hygiene, to reduce the spread of diseases and empower individuals with knowledge

  • Climate Resilience

    We're not just about water and sanitation; we're also dedicated to building climate resilience. Your donation supports our efforts to combat climate change through advocacy and education

Ways to Donate to U-Save Foundation

  • Bank Transfer

    You can make a direct bank transfer to our Zenith Bank account. Your donation will go directly toward our projects and initiatives

Bank Name:  Zenith Bank
Account Number: 1222000672

  • Corporate Partnerships

    If your organization is interested in partnering with us to create a lasting impact, please reach out to us at

  • Legacy Giving

    Consider leaving a lasting legacy by including U-Save Foundation in your will. Your legacy will continue to change lives for generations to come.

Your donation can change lives and communities. Join us in our mission to make clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education accessible to all. Together, we can create a healthier, more sustainable future for everyone.