In a heartwarming celebration of unity and global consciousness, U-Save Foundation and the African Youth Growth Foundation (AYGF) recently joined forces to commemorate Global Handwashing Day at Government Day Secondary School in Bwari. The outreach, held on October 17, 2023, vividly showcasing the power of collaboration and the vital role of advocating for hand hygiene.

A Touch of Wellness:

Global Handwashing Day, an annual reminder marked on October 15th, underscores the critical importance of keeping our hands clean for overall well-being. The theme, “Clean hands are within reach,” is a gentle nudge that we all have a part to play in curbing the spread of diseases and safeguarding our health.

Two Hands, One Goal:

The U-Save Foundation, renowned for its unwavering commitment to community development and W.A.S.H advocacy, teamed up with AYGF to stage an enlightening awareness campaign at Government Day Secondary School in Bwari. With over 21 U-Save staff and volunteers, six AYGF staff members, 500 students, and 15 school staff in attendance, the event was an extraordinary testament to unity.

Interactive Learning and Hands-On Experience:

The day commenced with an engaging educational session where students dived into the world of handwashing’s significance. Informative leaflets emphasized the importance of clean hands for good health. The U-Save and AYGF facilitators took the stage, leading interactive sessions to demonstrate proper handwashing techniques, all while encouraging lively student participation.

Principal’s Gratitude and Global Aspirations:

Alhaji Hassan Idris Usman, the school’s principal, expressed profound gratitude to U-Save and their partners. This was U-Save’s second visit to the school for awareness purposes. He hoped that the foundation would soon earn global recognition from international organizations for their exceptional work, recognizing the positive impact they had on the students and the entire school community.

A Pledge for Sustained Advocacy:

The event concluded with Mr. Stephen Silas, U-Save’s Project Coordinator, stressing the significance of sustained advocacy and the practical application of hand hygiene in daily life. He conveyed his appreciation for the school’s warm reception and cooperation, emphasizing the power of working together to nurture a culture of clean hands and good health.

Leaving a Lasting Mark:

As a parting gift, Government Day Secondary School received valuable handwashing kits and materials. This generous contribution ensures that the message of clean hands and good health continues to flourish within the school community, leaving an enduring impact on the lives of students and staff alike.

A Shared Vision for Change:

The collaboration between U-Save Foundation and AYGF at Government Day Secondary School in Bwari stands as a compelling illustration of how small actions can lead to significant change. It’s a reminder that the journey towards a healthier, safer world commences with clean hands and a shared commitment to spreading the message. Together, we can make a difference, one handwash at a time.